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Our Facilities

We Use the Latest Systems

 As Ermadencilik, we prefer to use the latest systems   and machinery at our facilities.

Sand Washing Plant

We use the world's leading wet processing technology retaining quality fines and guaranteeing in-spec sand products, ready for market straight from the belt. 


Fine material washing and classification plant is refining sand into quality sand products. Impurities like iron oxide adhered to silica particles are scrubbed from the surface of particles.

sand washing plant

Water Recycling

Water scarcity and management is central for many environmental challenges and is echoed in the mining community all around the world. The benefits arising from sustainable practice and processes are two-fold; they are economically advantageous and minimize our impact on the environment.

An alternative to water extraction and the costly process of pumping water to the plant, we decided to use the AquaCycle is a highly efficient water management solution that significantly reduces costly water consumption by ensuring up to 90% of process water is recycled for immediate recirculation.

Clay Production

Approximately 75% of the clays produced throughout the world are used for the production of baked and shaped ceramic wares.

Ceramics are inorganic components formed as a result of merger of one or more metals with non-metals. They are produced by baking at high temperatures the clays, china clays and similar materials generally formed after the rocks are broken into pieces under the external factors.

The ceramic clays manufactured by our company are mostly supplied to the select ceramic ware factories in Turkey.

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